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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New websites

Hello all...I have created a new area on my blog. It is called Fabulous all Natural ways to help prevent and reverse renal failure. I want everyone to take a look at it maybe you can all put at least one of these into your every day life. Even if you are no in renal failure you can still do it because with age your kidney function does decrease. Plus renal disease is "silent" most of the time so stop it before it even starts.If I would have just listened to my step-mom when she said to just do it maybe I would not be where I am now. My step-mom said she will keep searching for any new ideas. What is the worst that can happen you can at least say you tried. So go ahead take a look a try some out. I am going to try the Dry skin first! Let me know what you try and how it is working out for you. If anyone else comes up with anything new feel free to share. Remember it will not help you if you don't stay consistent. I just want to thank my step-mom for being such a strong supporter with this whole thing. Every time I had a problem she was right there looking up an answer. She is still trying to find a way to reverse my renal failure while trying to get my dads kidney as healthy as possible. This one is for you! Thank you for everything you have done and keep doing I feel all of your energy you keep throwing my way.


  1. Fabulous tips! And I have to say the nettle tea you had me drink while I was in Arizona was really good too : )
    It's great that you have a resource like your step-mom...Natural is always the way to go if you can!
    And let me know how the skin treatment works! As I did my own research I found Watermelon seed tea was really popular for kidney health and I totally wanna try it!! I just need to find ground watermelon seed first

  2. I figured out how to comment! WOOHOO! I will talk to my step-mom tonight and ask her where to find Watermelon seed. That sounds wonderful. Nettle tea is very yummy and don't forget I put dandelion root in it too!!! I will give you some to take home when you come down for Thanksgiving!

  3. Yeah ask her...I dont know if like a Whole Foods (northern healthy grocery store) type place would carry it or if I'd have to order it online... doesn't that sound good????

  4. On a side note I am drinking all Natural Honey Vanille Chamomeille right now and it is TOO good!!! : )