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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good news!!!!

My Dad just called and told me he is on to step 5!!!!!!! He passed his physical with flying colors! Next is blood work to check for any diseases or anything abnormal. Let me tell you this is the scariest rollercoster I have ever been on and will ever be on. I am a big ball of emotions along with it. I am so nervous yet so excited. I am so happy right now my dad is one of the healthest people I know...my step-mom is the first so I know my dad is in GREAT hands with her getting him into the best shape inside and out. My new kidney is right around the corner!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait til I hear "Kristin you have a kidney."

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  1. Hopefully that will be hear before you know it!!! This winter would be a bonus so I can escape the Chicago cold to come take care of you : )