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Friday, October 15, 2010

I realized something

We went to Toys R Us to get Keyan his birthday present. As I am standing in line I am watching these kids run around the store and I realize I will never have that. It has finally hit me that kids are probably not in the cards for me. I feel a pit in the middle of my stomach. I never thought I wanted kids but I do...my ticker is a ticken. I know right now I would not be a good parent because I am always tired and I never feel good and it's not fair to a child. I just wonder if maybe i'll get the chance? I did not think it bothered me that much but it really does. I want to be a mom someday and I just hope I will get the chance.

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  1. I hope you do too! You never know what the future holds for you. You are so young so you have plenty of time to have kids... You never know medically what advances there will be. In 10 years this could all just seem like a bad dream to you.