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Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinking change

I am thinking about chopping off my hair...I feel like I need to do something that I have control over and that is pretty much the only thing I have full control over and I just feel like I should do it so I can turn around and say yes it was my doing, my choice. I hate not having control of my body, my time, my flippin life! It is a little funny to me that the one thing in my life right now that is not controlled by dialysis is my hair. I need to try and find some kind of humar with this. I know if I don't I will go CRAZY!


  1. You should do some fun funky color in there too!

  2. aha, I figured out how to get in here. Hi sweetie much love to you. Let it all out. Get angry and pissed. We are too.
    Funny I was thinking about cutting my hair today too.
    Aunt Jo JO

  3. If you let me cut and color it you will end up with some definite change! How do you feel about that one princess!?