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Monday, October 18, 2010

Been a couple days

Well it has been a couple days since I have wrote anything. Let's see Saturday we went to Peter Piper Pizza and after that I was drained but before that was doing pretty good. Sunday slept a lot my grandparents came by and dropped me off a pumpkin roll which was wonderful. The one bad thing that happend on Sunday night was my exit sight started bleeding which freaked me out but I went to get blood work done today and they think it can be on of 3, I yanked my hose, cuff infection, or my cuff has moved forward. I am suppose to watch it and do salt water soaks for the next week. I also got my flu shot today while I was there because they recomend we get it because our immune system is so bad as is. Suppose to keep an eye on my dizzy spells too. I go to clinic on Monday so we will see what they say.

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