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Monday, November 29, 2010

Feelin bad

Since Thanksgiving I have really been feeling bad...I didn't really eat anything on Thanksgiving I actually fell asleep on my mom's couch. My body is just feeling warn down and tired. My weight has gone up 5lbs and my BP has been high. I am not real sure what is going on with my body and it is starting to scare me a little. Another weird think is my vision I am starting to see blurry. I don't know what is going on with me but it just doesn't feel right. I wish I could just take a break from work and life, I am just so tired and drained. Well I am going to go lay down I need some rest.


  1. Have you looked into getting on Social Security Disability? You will need to apply, then get an attorney (he will take his cut when you get $$$ from Soc Sec). The people I see on disability don't have anywhere near the health issues that you have. Please look into it online....k?

  2. Just continue taking care of yourself...Eat well and take your meds... Hopefully your levels are just off and it will be an easy fix. Chicago is always here if you want to get away : )

  3. Haven't cehcked back in a few weeks. I was glad to read that you have some donor options. Your body and mind have been through A LOT the past few weeks and months. I continue to send prayers your way. Be well. Ken

  4. I am still a little lost with this but I am glad there are more options. I have not heard anymore news but with the holidays I am sure it is not easy to lose the 5lbs I know I like to eat during Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I know 5lbs isn't much so hopefully soon.