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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garden day

So today I decided to start a garden. It took my mind of things for awhile and it looks great! My mom found this beautiful metal candle holder thing that I snatched from her and that is in the middle so when I go out at night it is nice and relaxing. My weekend was good I got to rest a lot which I absolutly loved because I really needed it. Bad news though I am getting a sore throat which means I have to choke down some Goldenseal stuff taste like absolute shit but it helps so much with infection. Well I better go take a bag out and get ready to do a transfer. Say a little prayer for me my dads cross mathching results come in this week.

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  1. Lots of prayers your way on the cross match!! Just remember they can do even zero match now the anti-rejection drugs are so good : ) Hopefully he'll be out in AZ before you know it to meet with the counselors!!