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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Better day

Well today was a better day. One of the individuals at work who hurt my feelings apologized for being a BUTT(you know who you are BOB). Heatlh wise I was feeling better but I am having some tightness in my chest, I think I am having fluid overload. Which means I will end up using a 2.5 bag tonight so I can take some extra fluid off tomorrow morning. I hate this feeling...feels like you breathed in water and you are drowning very slowly. Nice thought, huh? But it is a very easy fix because of the dextrose. I got a call from Johnna and she said that I can stop my EPO shots for right now because I am at 14.5 which is way over and my potassium is 5.4 which is HIGH the last time it was that high I was admitted into the hospital and they shoved a bunch of medicine in me that made me do not so pleasant things...if you know what I mean. HAHA to much information. It sucks when my potassium is high because I don't get to have fresh fruits and I LOVE APPLES!!!! But again an easy fix just have to stay away from high potassium foods for a couple days pop a laxative and drank a shit load of water and I will be back to eating apples by Monday. Well it is time to go take my meds and go hook up. Sleep tight all.

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