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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well my dad called me last night around 5 and told me the cross matching came back... My antibodies are fighting so hard that they killed my dads which means he can not donate to me. We cried a lot expecially me I couldn't stop. But my dad has signed up to be apart of the "paired matching" which means he can donate to someone who has a donor and is in the same situation as me. It is a huge positive but at the same time still painful. So if anyone knows anyone who is willing to get tested and is an O please let me know and I will get you all the info. Today was pretty rough I kept to myself and was pretty quiet cried a little at my desk. I am just so heart broken so disappionted. I just don't want to do this anymore I really thought it was going to all happen in December and I would be done with dialysis. But my dad told me I need to fight hard like my blood. I just wish my dad was here right now. I love you dad.

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  1. I know that you are devastated beyond anything I can ever imagine... But when you told me your dad's crossmatch failed it felt like I was getting told I couldn't do it all over again because I so badly want for you to have the life you want and deserve...But now you have paired donation as an option IN ADDITION to continuing to test people who are interested. It really sucks that it slows the timeline but the more doors open to you the better. But you have so many people that love and care about... When I told Merrick he asked the age he'd be able to donate to you : )
    Keep fighting and be good to your body. I know dialysis sucks beyond belief but don't let it stop you from living or put your life on hold. You are lucky enough to have the most flexible form of dialysis. Take advantage of it!!! I'm gonna harp on you until you come to Chicago...Bags and all!!! There's plenty of articles on PD travel check lists for you.
    And let yourself grieve that this opportunity has changed BUT don't dwell on it. The power of positive thinking is immense!!!
    I love you and can't wait to see you!!! Two weeks from today!!