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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloody bag

Last night as I was doing my last transfer I looked down and saw that I had blood in my bag and let me tell you that scared the hell out of me. I called the on call nurse and was freaking out she said it was either me ovulating or I lifted something way to heavyand broke capillaries. Guess what...I broke capillaries in my peritoneal cavity. See Monday I lifted my cooler filled with 5 of my bags and that is WAY to much weight for me. So now I am putting Heparin in each one of my bags so I don't get my hose clogged. So to anyone who will ever have to do PD listen to them and don't lift anything over 10lbs because it is not just scary seeing the blood it also doesn't feel good, my stomach keeps on spasming and I am having pain. It is so not worth it.
I am hanging in there with everything that has happened this week but it is going to take me a little bit of time to take it all in and come to terms with it but I know with the help of my family I will get through it. I just need time.


  1. Holy crap! That would be so freaky! Remember what I told you..... Be lazy!!!!!! I can give you lessons : )

  2. You are not even close to being lazy. You are always going I don't know how you do it.

  3. I can do it because I balance it with laziness! : ) And don't think I'll be carrying your bags on Black Friday because of this...I'll get you a cart or something hahaha

  4. That reminds me we are going to have to wake up EXTRA early to do a transfer before we go and shoot we may have to bring one in the car so I can do a transfer while we drive to the stores. HAHA This is going to be one hell of a Black Friday!

  5. We'll figure something out!! Maybe if you do the transfer at the store you can get us an extra discount or something : )