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Friday, November 5, 2010


Well my dad called and he passed 15 tests they ran with his blood work. Now we are just holding our out to see how the cross matching goes, we should hear back around Friday. I wish I could say I can breath finally but there is still that chance he can get rejected. It feels like a little weight is lifted but not much. I am just so tired right now I just wish I could curl up in a ball and sleep until we get all the answers. I am just trying to take all of this day by day but it is just so difficult. My dad says it is all my nerves making be feel like shit and I think he is totally right. I think with the stress from being busy at work and being tired added with the waiting it just gets me nauseous. Hopefully this weekend I can just relax and try to take a step back from all of this.

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  1. We are ALL going garage saling! i want steven to go too!! :) <3
    looooooove you!! :) <3