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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Night

Well it has been a long week! I was trying to re coupe from a extremely busy holiday. Meghan and Merrick came down for Thanksgiving which was great we played Cranium which was a blast. I didn't eat very much on Thanksgiving I was not feeling all that great. To be honest this whole week was a little rough but come to find out I was not feeling good because I was holding in fluid and that just made me feel like complete shit but it is going away with the 2.5 bags. My sissy Lins and I went shopping on Thursday which was so nice I missed her so much and am so excited that she moved back. Today we went to see Burlesque IT WAS WONDERFUL! Christina and Cher were fabulous! Since I had such a busy couple weeks tonight I am just resting, such a fun Saturday night. Maybe I will watch a movie and then go to bed I am pretty tired. Still have not heard anything new about the person who could possibly be a match, my dad's contract is almost finished so he will be down here soon to finish his testing. Derek and Treena are still 100% on board to still get testing done if something doesn't work out. I just think it is so amazing how people who have never met you are ready and willing to give you a part of them.


  1. We had such a good time! Can't wait to see you in April!!!

  2. I think cranium is much better when you play with teams not without teams. Next time we need to get Stubby to play. I find creative cat very hard it always gives me a sensosketch.
    I miss you and Max. I wish you a Merry Christmas! love Merrick

  3. Ha ha! Shouldn't it be Aunt Stubby? I think your mom is right that name is going to stick. Love it! We will have to get her to play next time. I miss you too and so does Maxwell. You have a good Christmas too! Love you cupcake!