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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Well it is 10:17 and I am sitting here watching The Simpsons and blogging. I never thought I would be this person. I use to be such an asshole in so many ways and I think to myself if I wouldn't have gotten sick I would probably still be an asshole. Now I am a person that my little sister can look up to and be proud of. It's funny though when I am not feeling well she is like the little mother and she was told if she keeps her grades up she could be there for transplant day and she keeps telling me I am not going to miss it I am going to be there and I am not leaving. I am not happy that I got sick because I hate it more than anything but I do like the person I have become. Any how I have another one of my headaches from hell and it won't go away I have had it since this morning. I am sure the computer screen is not helping at all but I have not really been on in a while and I need to start writing at least once a day even if it is an update. My Dad and our pair are getting cross matched we should have the answer next week. Trina did some of her testing on Thursday and she gets more done on Monday. I keep trying not to get mine or her hopes up just because this is a lot of pressure and I know both Meghan and my Dad were both so devastated and it didn't help that I was a complete basket case and couldn't stop crying. I just don't want her to feel bad if she can't because just offering and being tested means a lot no matter what I have gained a great friend. I just really hope it works out and I can finally get a kidney I don't want to do this anymore I want to be able to walk Max, jog I just want a normal life again like when I was in 7th grade lol that is the last time I remember feeling good but over the years it is not like I helped myself I have gotten better but I know I can be better too. Well I am going to go get some water I am starting to have stomach pain. One day soon all of this will go away and I will feel GREAT!

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  1. Happy New Year!! It may not have been the new years you thought it would be...but everything happens for a reason.
    And it will be such a good year! Last year you started with uncertainty about your health and what would happen. You begin this year differently, with nothing but HOPE. There are currently opportunities in motion to complete change your life. This will be a good and positive year for you and those who love you.