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Monday, December 27, 2010


I was just on Ihatedialysis.com and I read something that a spouse/caregiver wrote and it hit me...

You don't even know how to cook with salt

You stare at their ankles discretely to see if they are underdialyzed

You worry about their fistula when they cut their hand

You jump out of bed when you hear beep beep

You pretend not to notice when they just have to have fries and a shake

You secretly wonder if they have taken their meds, and check the bottles when they are in the shower.

You can tell when they are faking not feeling well to get out of something, and you know when they are faking feeling well in order to do something - and you let them get away with both anyway.

You secretly study everything you can about their disease, but you act dumb when they explain something to you.

You lay awake at night terrified about how alone you will feel if something happened to them, and you cry.

I just thought this was a very sweet a dedicated women,

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  1. That is true love and so sweet!!! Everyone deserves someone like that in their life : )