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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well Saturday my mom called me and told me she wanted to take me out to lunch but didn't say where. Steven drove us to Macyo's I turned the corner and there was my entire family including my DAD!!!! I bursted into tears and ran to him. I was not expecting that in a million years. That was the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. I wish my step-mom could have been there but I know it is hard for both of them to leave because of the puppies. Even Char was there the little shit knew about it and didn't spill the beans her and I were both shocked...HAHAHA. Char even planned on us going to the game today which is fun but SO LOUD. My dad is also finishing his testing tomorrow so that right there is the best gift. It was really great to see my dad I miss him so much. OH and my sissy made the BEST cupcakes EVER! VANILLA BEAN!!!! It was great thought Aunt Debbie, Grandma and Grandpa Shelley, Grandpa Flynn, Lins,Shorty,Tommy,Nancy,Laura,Grady,Mikey,Char, and Sassy. This really was a great surprise and I will remember it forever. Well I am going to go to bed because my head is killing me from the game but here are some pictures. I will be back tomorrow with the news from my dad.

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