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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Picked up medical records

Well I picked up my medical records last week and well going through them pissed me off BIG TIME. Just reading that every time they did a urinalysis they found BLOOD+++/PROTEIN+++. Plus you have there comments she is complaining of pain in her kidneys but did anyone ever do a damn thing no they blew me off to the point where EVERYONE was thinking I was making it up hell I even started to think maybe it is all in my head.i had to put the files down lol. I have so much anger and frustration with this whole thing. I am just having such a hard time "copping" and I am not sure why, I mean I was told that many people have a difficult time after transplant but I never understood til now. And I just really wish the pain would go away in my old kidneys but again doctors keep telling me there is nothing wrong it's in your head IGA CAN'T HURT!!!!!!!!! Well guess what... IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok sorry I feel much better getting this out rather then keeping it bottled up :) Thank you to who ever is reading my frustration lol. ****DON'T EVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU HOW YOU FEEL OR WHAT YOUR FEELING ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH!! :)


  1. Hi Kristin. I always try to stay pretty much up-to-date on your blog. The amount of stuff the medical profession doesn't know is mind-boggling. And the worst thing they can tell you is that it's all in your head. Sometimes it may be, but most of the time it isn't. But they don't know, because they're not in your shoes. I'm not defending them, in any way. It's just that they often need to take their patients more seriously. Just because they've invested a lot in their careers, and they most likely are "bright," doesn't mean they have all the answers. And what ever happened to compassion?

  2. Hi Kim! I agree it is mind boggling.Don't get me wrong there are many wonderful doctors out there after I was diagnoised I had the best medical care from pre-dialysis to now post transplant. I think a lot of doctors steer clear from the unknown. I just wish so many didn't steer clear from what I was going through. It was a difficult process and it was all so fast.One day I am a great runner and volleyball player but just start to feel sick and tired all the time with no energy. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did. Feeling the pain,exhaustion, and just bla with doctors saying "here is some ibuprofen" HELLO THAT WAS NOT HELPING! They want to cover it up if they don't know, I can't speak about all doctors just from my experience. I think if they had compassion they would dig a little deeper and try and find the root of the cause or ask for help.

  3. Reading this literally makes me sick... Know one knows your body better than you and shame on them for what they've done to you. Keep blogging and getting the word out. Love you lots and lots!