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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well last week I was play fighting with one of my friends and he jabbed me in the kidney. I fell to the ground and stayed down for about 5 minutes. It didn't register while we were messing around that my kidney was in my abdomen, come on who has there kidney in there abdomen. My kidney has been hurting since and I went in today blood work is stable but Dr. Loral was worried he said that jab could have flipped my kidney and killed it. He said the tiniest injury to the kidney could hurt it. He said I most likely have a bruised kidney and that's why it has been hurting he gave me some medicine and said keep an eye on my urine and let them know if anything changes and tell the my friend to stay away from my kidney. I told him I would go after my friends kidney if he hurt "Lefty" :). He also took me off of the Dapsone and Acycliver!!! Wahoo 2 pills taken off the list now 6 types of pills that come out to 17 pills a day! I have been having nausea and hot flashes so he thought lets get me off these 2 and see if that helps. Fingers crossed. Well I am going to go lay down need to take it easy just til the bruised bean heels.

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