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Monday, January 3, 2011

Still sick

Had a horrible day at work felt like complete shit. I am still feeling like shit... my jaw is killing me and my neck and head hurt not to mention my nose is stuffed and I am exhausted. I didn't fall asleep til midnight and then I woke up at two walking around not being able to breath. One major positive Sas made me sspaghetti and that was GREAT I thought about it all day. A nice warm bowl of spaghetti felt so good in my belly. Being sick and being on dialysis sucks! For some reason I could swear that it emphasizes the cold. I feel ten times worse when I am actually doing the transfer I just feel so much pain I think it is the achy body. My legs are starting to hurt now lol I am a cold wreck. Well like last night I am going to go start whining to Sas (been doing it since we got home) I feel like such SHIT! Good night!

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