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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi All

Hi all,
Just sitting here taking a break from making ornaments for Christmas...KIDNEY WINGS ORNAMENTS!!! They look great so far I will post them when I get pictures up. Tomorrow is the NKF Golf tournament I will be there volunteering with Lins,Char and Char's friend Victoria from Alaska. It will be fun. I was actually checking in to see if Alison has been on but the last time she blogged was 10/14 nothing since. I am thinking about her and a little worried I hope she is doing ok. Steve is doing ok he was moved to 2nd on the list so that is good and bad at the same time. I keep harassing him and checking in just to make sure they are doing ok and see if I can do anything. But they have been through this before. Well I am going to get to watching X-Factor and then read a little bit just started a book "The Blind Mirror" good so far hard to put it down. Well Alison if you are reading this let me know you are ok, I am thinking about you.

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