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Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13th-1 year anniversary

Well yesterday was my 1 year post transplant. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year...I have a lot of mixed emotions with this whole year, with the whole 3 years. We all went to A Different Point of View for dinner (Steven,Char,James,Lindsey,Jeff,Ryan, and me) It was good, Well Lindsey and James had the BEST DINNERS! Lins had snapper and James had Lamb and OMG I am not sure which one was better but it was between there meals. Mine tasted like pure salt lol but I don't salt my food so if you put salt on my food I notice,Char thought it was dry (she had what I had) Oh I didn't even say what I had lol I had the chiefs special risotto with lobster and cauliflower and halibut on top. It was also really rich but my sister being the WONDERFUL person she is switched me plates so I got to eat some of her snapper but she said she understood how I thought there was too much salt, she said it was not bad for her but a person who doesn't salt different story. Sas,Jeff and Ryan all had steak and potatoes...I got to try Sas's steak and HOT DAMN I should have tried it before he salted OMG. I think I know why I feel dehydrated today :). Char got a bottle of wine, not sure what kind but she said it was an Oregon Pino and it was really tasty not too dry and not sweet, I enjoyed it...but it did smell like urine HAHAHA. (I am trying Kim) I was really tired by the end of the night thought I don't stay up late and when I do I am usually laying on the couch talking to Char. I will talk more about what I am feeling another time its just right now I don't know how to describe my thoughts and emotions, but I will.
Oh before I forget the kidney walk was great the family should up and I loved it! My cousin Paige and Andrea were both there which was fantastic and I was really happy they could both make it. Uncle Jim was there too, he was really busy lol my parents took us out to lunch on Saturday and it was yummy. I also got to finally meet Steve and Andre!!!! It was a good time.
Well I better go Andrea is getting married today, it's suppose to rain but I hear that is good luck for rain on your wedding day but the wedding is outside so if it rains after that would be fantastic. But no matter what this will be a wonderful day for Andrea and Carlos.

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