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Monday, May 16, 2011

In and out

Since the transplant I have been running into some problems. Just last week they thought i was rejecting and did and kidney biopsy come to find out it was Procraf intoxication so they stopped that and now have me on Rapimune while I was in the hospital my WBC went up (but they are pretty sure it was caused by steroids and not an infection at the biopsy) then my RBC wen really low but they gave me 2 EPO injections and now I am making it on my own but good news my creatine is going down which is fantastic! Today though i had a little episode at clinic I went out to talk to Alvina and schedule my next apt and got really light headed cold sweat and almost pasted out they had me sit down and they checked my BP and is was 84/69 so I sat there for a bit and they gave me chicken broth then Alvina walked me to Grandpa and he just had me hold on while I walked to the car. It was really scary I did not like that feeling at all. They stopped my BP meds and now I am just taking it really slow today since I am alone I just don't want to pass out. Breathing is a little difficult but I am just taking it easy. I slept pretty much all day today and I could go back to sleep now.

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  1. I just found out you had your transplant. I`m so thrilled for you. (Please Godm let me be next!)
    I`m praying for you that it will all stabilize soon. They told me it`s tricky getting the meds just right. All the best! Your news IS really exciting.